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北京赛车稳赢下注方法:Three points of investment layout under 3000 points!

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内容摘要:stock market crash is not a bad thinginvestment guru Peter Lynch warned us that for equity investors, whenever plunged, is scheduled to vote...

stock market crash is not a bad thing

investment guru Peter Lynch warned us that for equity investors, whenever plunged, is scheduled to vote capital firm confidence and overcome fear, it seems to be a twin flower, forever It afflicts us. The crash may not be a bad thing, historical data tells us that even the biggest of that crash, stock prices eventually come back up, and rose even higher.

really a good idea! After looking back at each bullish cycle, we will find that the best time to sell is to continue to make good profits and market consensus is expected to rise. For example, in the first half of 2015, people are shouting that “4000 points is the starting point for a bull market” and then three years of a bear market will start. And the best time to buy is that it is bad every day, and market consensus is expected to fall. For example, in the second half of 2008, people are shouting that “the market will fall below 1,000 points,” and the broader market will counterattack from 1664 points, doubling the gain in less than 10 months.

Isn't A-share right now? June 25, although the weekend directed down the central mother quasi-good news, but the market regardless of whether highs, according fell worthwhile.

Valuation revealed at the end and the layout opportunity came

After comparing some of the data, the old company found that both in terms of valuation and corporate profitability, the current A-shares have been quite close to the previous four big bottoms, short-term panic. Bring the layout opportunity after the mistake.

From the point of view of valuation, , according to BOCI Securities estimates, as of the close of June 19, the median PE of all A-shares was 30.8 times, which was close to the bottom average. From the valuation distribution of individual stocks, it is close to the bottom level.

A shares the previous bottom of the distribution business valuation comparison (Source: BOCI Securities)


from corporate earnings growth perspective, current corporate earnings growth was stronger than the historical average at the bottom. At the bottom of the four markets, the median growth rate of all A-share performances was 4.3%, 15.0%, 7.2% and 8.9%, respectively, with an average of 8.8%. At present, the median growth rate of all A-shares is 12.4%, which is much higher than the historical bottom average.

A shares the previous bottom business enterprise profitability comparison


three strategies to easily participate layout

hindsight, like pigs in advance. Indeed, investment in this kind of thing, hindsight is very easy, but in which the body has to overcome a huge group effect and the inertia of thinking, we should still have the ability to reason and common sense under pressure, not ordinary people can do.

The problem is coming! 3000 The following layout exactly how to invest? Old Secretary gives you three ideas:

One is Sticking to the fool's regular shooting . This was mentioned in the article before the old Sage "Plunge, give you two blood back strategies," and I will not repeat them here. Probably concluded that the market fell below 3,000 after four times, respectively, adhere to the Hushen 300 index fixed investment, scheduled to vote for 1 year and 2 years, will be able to outperform the market 100%, and a large probability can get a good positive income, such as 2008 6 The first time the month fell below 3,000 points, a one-year investment will result in a very high 26.5% profit.

The second is buying good-quality equity funds. As mentioned earlier, the historical market has fallen below 3000 points four times. When the broader market effectively broke through 3,000 points, how about the fluctuations of equity funds, Laojiji used Huaxia Fund as an example.

Looking at the three-month period, when the broader market rebounded from below 3,000 points and effectively broke 3000 points and 3 months later, the net value of equity products actively managed by Huaxia Fund had a probability of 69% higher than the value of products with a range of less than 3,000. The highest value, the average increase of 37.81%.


With a 6-month deadline, the effect is even more pronounced! When the broader market since 3000 points, rebound effectively break 3000 points 6 months later, the net value of equity products actively managed by Huaxia Fund, 85% of the probability is higher than the highest value of the product net value in the following 3,000 hours, the average increase of up to 62.11%!


For example, in the period of 20110425-20141215, after using the period of 20110425-20141215 as an example, the net value of Huaxia Fund's main products was also significantly higher than the previous period's net high point after effectively breaking 3000 points and 6 months in the broader market. For example, the selection of China Fund China Star Fund rose by 26.66%.


Third, layout times new base gold. Before old Division base for everyone to buy a group mentioned the principle that the bull market to buy the old base, the bear market to buy a new base. This is because the bull funds in the bull market have higher positions and can make quicker profits; the new market is just established in the bear market. Jiancang is at the bottom of the market and can slowly buy cheap stocks lying on the floor.

statistics show that since June 2008, new funds issued under the 3000, when the market back to 3000 points after, both before the bottom of the magnitude of large or small, long or short time, most of them can get a positive return .

June 2008 Month - July 2009, the market is located in the following 3000, the Fund issued during in the next 1 year, 2-year average yield reached 17.34%, respectively, 39.46%.

April 2011 - December 2014, the market continued to occupy the following 3000, the Fund issued period, the average yield of up to one year thereafter 78.84%


January 2016 -! July 2016, the market Funds issued during the period below 3,000 points have an average yield of 7.44% in the following year.

The old man Kira took a look at the performance of the explosive funds sub-funds that were established in 2018 and had a size of more than 5 billion.


As of June 22, 2018, China Huajun Fund's two products, Huasheng Wensheng and Huaxia Industry Leader, have achieved positive returns. The performance of the demolition fund products in the same period was the best, with net worth of 1.0147 and 1.0091, respectively, and absolute return and volatility. Better than the market index of the same period and the performance of similar funds.

Buffett said that people fear that I am greedy and that others are greedy for my fear. Under 3000 points, did you find a suitable investment strategy?





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